L’Aigle Has Landed…..

It looks and feels a bit like Spring here: the locals are busy preparing the land already. Seems kind of weird to us. In January! Here are some plants already breaking through. Maybe Beans, we think, though there are also clearly some Spuds being cultivated. Even the trees are beginning to green-up once more and we have a pair of sparrows busy setting up home in the beams of the Azotea/covered terrace:

Weather still bearing up nicely here, almost monotonous, in fact! Not something I’d have thought I’d ever say about sunshine and clear skies. Well, certainly not in Sweden anyway! Or the UK!

Our French friend, Patrick, has finally arrived and is in renting an appartment from some Brits, who are now living in France. He’s based in a neighbouring village about five kilometers away and, so far, seems to be enjoying things down here. He’s certainly finding it a lot cheaper than his homeland, La Belle France.
I’m still feeding the stray/feral cats although Ginger seems to have disappeared; I’ve not seen him this new year at all. Don’t know what’s happened to him and only hope someone has possibly taken him in. He had such character. Panda/Rocky and her mother, another pretty, blue-eyed moggy, now follow me back to the door and come in and wander around the Entrada/Hallway exploring. Panda lets me stroke her with no problems and even now rubs her cheeks against my hand and purrs. I think I must make a decision about her soon. If it were not for Charlie, I’d have no hesitation but he can be such a contrary and difficult little booger. And I do adore him so!
Our nearest neighbours have again had a share of some pig killing: for the past few days strings of back pudding and Mozilla have been hanging on their line, presumably to cure and dry:
Today, we met Patrick at our preferred, local bar for a few lunchtime beers. One of the locals strolled past with two huge, cured, smoked hams. They looked delicious!
Charlie spends most of his days out now from around 07:00 till 18:00, returning as dusk falls and the temperature drops. He’s not daft! He then wakes me with an affectionate nose-bashing most mornings at around 06:00, before curling up alongside me and catnapping for an hour or so until Jack gets restless and demands to be let out for an early morning Pee!
J is finding it difficult geting used to the fact she doesn’t have to rush off to work. But, she’s getting the hang of it……gradually!


About yractual

A former lawyer and national daily journalist, now a freelance music journalist, with moves bewteen Spain, Sweden, France and who knows where next! A Scot by birth and inclination. Lover of acoustic ragtime-blues guitar and ukulele. Work with music titles across three continents.
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2 Responses to L’Aigle Has Landed…..

  1. gz says:

    The weather is behaving decidedly oddly. I spent today pruning brambles in warm sun interspersed with fine rain. The phrase "false sense of security" springs to mind….and it is probably going to freeze tonight.

  2. Good for you J! Get used to being a lady of leisure, I always sigh wistfully when yeractual mentions the bar visits at lunchtime!Oh, I love hearing about the cats, they sound just full of fun and character. Sft x

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