That Ole Boy Ain’t Never Coming Home…..

A perfect day here in Las Alpujarras: temps in mid to high twenties, blue sky and loads of pleasant sunshine. I wandered down to the centre of the village hoping to catch the Farmacia before it closed for the afternoon siesta; it closed early, and as I approached with Jack trailing behind, I saw the Pharmacist drive off! It means a second trip down, as I’ll have to wander down later, sometime after five this evening when it reopens.

Panda/Rocky/The Cat in the Mask was on his/her own today, no sign of its buddy, the little Marmalade kitty. It was sitting out in the middle of the Calle by the Fuente wailing its head off for food, so I fed it, whereupon another three or four adults, including one of its siblings turned up to greedily have a share. Can’t help but wonder where the Marmalade kitten is, though. Not a trace of it today. I do hope it’s okay, safe and fed somewhere nearby.
I’ve been mentioning our neighbours, Maria & Juan, recently, as they usually are always here and always feed the feral cat population. Having stopped for a cafe and a beer (or two) at the local bar this morning, I asked the owner, Moises, if he knew where they were or had been. It seems that old Juan has passed on, which certainly explains things. He was a genuinely nice guy – unlike some of the neighbours around us. Always welcoming, smiling and game to try out my appalling Spanish, he was slow, patient and helpful to both J and I. when first we came here, some years ago, he’d often stop by the house and give us boxes of Cherries or whatever he was cropping at the time. We will miss him. He was a nice guy – a suitable epitaph, I think and hope.
I’m not sure quite how to tell his widow, Maria, who has been equally warm and welcoming, or son that we are saddened to learn of his death. But, no doubt, we’ll get the message across somehow.
Jacquie over at suggested I try using the clapperboard thingy at top of Blogger page to download the usual UTube stuff but I no longer have that option: now got a useless Blogger own thing, a bit of film sort of icon that limits severely what can be used. Crap, I say. I will have to switch to WordPress, I think!

About yractual

A former lawyer and national daily journalist, now a freelance music journalist, with moves bewteen Spain, Sweden, France and who knows where next! A Scot by birth and inclination. Lover of acoustic ragtime-blues guitar and ukulele. Work with music titles across three continents.
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2 Responses to That Ole Boy Ain’t Never Coming Home…..

  1. Oh, that's so sad, but explains why the kitties haven't been fed. I'm sure you're neighbours will appreciate your sympathies. I hope marmalade comes back safe and well.Any more thoughts about adopting Panda/Rocky?Sft x

  2. yeractual says:

    Hi SFT both, 'Tis indeed sad and we'll get our sympathy across no doubt! I could now simply pick the kitten up – by scruff admittedly – without too much difficulty but….I'm off to UK next week, so no vaccinations etc mean no cattery etc. Will have to wait till I return, I fear.

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