Old Friends…..

A quickie here. For gz really, about some stuff, stuff, stuff, (as the great late Canonball Adderley once said) bought last summer in SW France.
We were at a Vide-Grenier/Car-Booty thing in the Charente last year where I bought a load of crockery for the princely sum of five Euros: twelve dinner plates and three huge serving plates/platters/bowls. All hand-painted and of a time. I simply loved the bright patterned look of the stuff which comes from a pottery in Gien, somewhere to the South of Orleans, I believe:
Every time we use them, I expect Noddy Holder, T-Rex or Sweet to pop in for a bite. They are very much, self-evidently of their time. At five Euros, not a bad deal, I’d say! Unfortunately, the pattern’s not one that can still be had from the maker, otherwise I’d be tempted to add some of the missing ware to the bundle.
Our neighbours, Maria and Juan have returned. So the cats are again being fed. And possibly almost overfed, as I’ve kept up the daily feeding too. Impossible not to do this, having started. I’d feel too guilty if I stopped now, just when the gang are becoming used to me, clearly see me as a food machine and two of the little ‘uns always now rush to greet me (and the food tin) with much wailing, optimism and hope. Maybe there’s even a touch of affection: I like to think so anyway.
Charlie so far doesn’t seem at all put out and has shown no interest in them. He hustles off out and up into the Campo as usual, giving the local feral/stray population a neat sidestep.
Yesterday, as I fed the boogers, Charlie’s nemesis, the wily old Ginger Tom, turned up and, keeping a safe distance, watched events with wide-eyed wonder. The last time I saw him, he was running out of our kitchen, hissing and growling angrily at me after he’d got in through an open window (left open for Charlie, of course) and scoffed most of Charlie’s tucker.
                   Casing the Fishvan
The cats are pretty savy. Whenever the fishvan arrives, honking his horn in a two-tone sort of
way, they thunder up to the tailgate. It’s clear they recognise the sound of the horn and the guy
who usually does the run is generous and often throws them the odd tidbit, probably just to
shut them up!

                    A typical daily offering
What the Hell”s happened to Blogger now? Can’t post pix where wanted. Had to drag things all over the place after so-called ‘uploading’. Is anyone else having problems? How do you overcome them and post pix as wanted in the text? Can’t figure out how to sensibly move the boogers at all, at all! Vids are just as bad, if not worse; no more YTube options. Does somebody seriously believe these are improvements? God help them!
I’m coming round to the thought that if I try to catch the kitten with the mask, Rocky/Panda (take your pick – The Cat in the Mask makes a change from the old Dr Seuss books that we read to our daughter, LVP, all those years ago) I’ll have to take on two kittens. They seem to be inseparable and are both keen on tucker and rush to greet me together. Don’t know what J will say about this potential feline population explosion. Or Charlie, for that matter:
Old Friends (to come)
Seems the only/best way to do this now. Maybe time to switch to WordPress – and that’s tricky enough to upload into, I fear!

About yractual

A former lawyer and national daily journalist, now a freelance music journalist, with moves bewteen Spain, Sweden, France and who knows where next! A Scot by birth and inclination. Lover of acoustic ragtime-blues guitar and ukulele. Work with music titles across three continents.
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7 Responses to Old Friends…..

  1. Love your crockery – you will have to get some baking done and show some pictures – very vintage. I think I would have fainted if all those superstars from my teenage years came to tea.You can still upload from youtube. There is a wee clapperboard symbol on the post taskbar and it gives you the option to upload a video from utube. Thanks for the cattle advice xx

  2. yeractual says:

    Hi Jacquie, I wouldn't call anything I say about cattle 'advice' really. Over the years of playing guitar (40+….ouch), I've had the good fortune to get to know some musician/superstars mostly out in the USa, including some who actually played at Woodstock – so I think I could cope! Baking would be a bit beyond me, I fear, though J's pretty good and will doubt do more when she retires next month. Mincepies are an Xmas must for me! I tried the clapperboard, as usual, but couldn't get it to work. Thanks. Think you're having great weather right now up there – long may it continue.

  3. Beautiful crockery.I love panda, what a lovely addition he would be to any family.Sft x

  4. gz says:

    nice and bright plates!I post the pictures singly then put the words in.

  5. Alleycat says:

    Love the plates and love the cats! If panda and his/her mate let you hang around while they're eating, try stroking their backs with a soft paintbrush strapped onto a stick, obviously with yourself at a distance. If they let you then gradually shorten the stick until you're down to just the brush, then eventually it'll be your hand. Will probably take at least a couple of weeks to get that far though, the key thing is patience.

  6. yeractual says:

    Hi Alleycat. Welcome. Thanks for the suggestion: we did this with Charlie as he'd been a Swedish feral, using a feather on the end of a wooden skewer. It took a long time but now he is fine with me, though can still have his moments with J. The Panda-kitten already (well, today for the first time without visibly flinching) lets me lightly touch/stroke the nape of its neck with my hand when eating; his Marmalade buddy is not so keen on contact and growls – I think he's a young Tom, and though I'd love to take him on fear that Charlie would not be tolerant of his arrival!

  7. Unbelievable! I have similar plates in pink and blue – SO 1970s…and I got mine from a VG too so maybe you'll be lucky one day and find some more.

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