>I’ve Seen Pictures Of Flowers…..

>Firstly, I must apologise to all who suffer from slow broadband speeds, cos there’s loads of pix in this post. Sorry……

Secondly, I had to get the mower out yesterday, the grass was just getting too long. ‘Twas hot work with temps around the low 20s. The light cloud cover didn’t help, making it feel a bit heavy at times. Had to take many breaks for refreshment and rest. But it does look a bit better, I must admit. J would normally chase up this sort of activity but she’s in the UK/Kent for another week or so.

Here she is playing in the garden in Sweden:

Of course, the bloody ride-on thingy is still up in Sweden! So I was left trailing around with a so-called self-drive power mower that conked out regularly, overheated and is a bit of a sod to restart! Perfect. Just the thing for temps of low 20s, on a rising curve!

 In addition, I’ve finally sort of finished turning over the new patch which is to host the next Bean sowing exposition. Now that was hard work, stripping off turf, lugging it by wheelbarrow off to the Hens as a plaything, then double-digging the whole sodding thing.

 At least in Sweden, under a thick blanket of snow,  there was no need to use a mower. Well, not till summer was fully entrenched. Meaning not till June:

Jack decided to drag himself from his basketty thing and join me to help out. But it all proved too much for the old codger, who is now in his twelfth year:

At one point in the proceedings, as I came in for a drink with Jack nosing just ahead, Charlie appeared with a Lizard in his jaws, which he promptly dropped in his rush to bug his doggy buddy. He was then baffled by its disappearance when it sensibly shot off into the understairs cupboard with its door ajar, leaving him somewhat perplexed:

I’ve previously mentioned my doubts about the Lettuces. You can see why:

Although the Celery, which is at the far end of the same bed, appears to be doing okay:

Most of the rest of the stuff also seems to be alive and kicking:
Beans, doing well after the attacks by bloody Mulets.
Peas, thriving

And even the second Pea bed is now sprouting littluns, thank you:

The Chillis have little flowers and baby fruits on a few of the half-dozen plants:

The Toms and Peppers are also fine although the first couple of Aubergines withered for some reason.  
They’ve been replaced by four substitutes that seem to be well. There’s also now a couple of courgettes, still smallish and potted. They do tend to get out of hand when fruiting fully – and there’s only so much to do with (or want from) Marrows, Baby Marrows, call ’em what you will!
And the fruit trees are all showing signs of baby fruit:
Apple, maybe!

My knowledge of what’s what is, I shamefacedly admit, wanting at times. Though I’m pretty certain this is a Quince:

And this, by deduction – and weird fruits – Mulberry:
To our surprise, cos we didn’t realise ’twas there, we also have a vine with grapes already forming. We’re assured they are damned good, too:

I love Cherries, probably my own favourite fruit. When we lived in Andalucia many of our local neighbours grew them in the campo. When in season they had too much for their own needs and often generously gave us kilos of the luscious, dark fruits. Ah….bliss.  Here, we also have a Cherry tree that is now developing fruit nicely. But, I fear, the birds wil probably beat us to the crop. Feathery little f….. boogers!:
So, if all goes to plan, we should have a bountiful harvest. As long as I don’t manage to injure or kill the boogers off, that is!
A bit dated, though old Tom knows the score only too well! How the Hell did he know I was going to be left in charge of it though?

About yractual

A former lawyer and national daily journalist, now a freelance music journalist, with moves bewteen Spain, Sweden, France and who knows where next! A Scot by birth and inclination. Lover of acoustic ragtime-blues guitar and ukulele. Work with music titles across three continents.
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2 Responses to >I’ve Seen Pictures Of Flowers…..

  1. madpotter1 says:

    >Delightful tour of the gardens! Worked in mine all weekend and stiff as a board this morning……. ahhhh the wonders of spring! My peas, lettuce, chard and beets are coming along.As we had a bit of a freeze last night won't be putting the tenders out yet. and the deer munched out the strawberries last night….. perhaps it's time for venison…..Best!

  2. gz says:

    >The apple maybe looks more like a pear from the leaves…. I'm envious of the garden! Pity about the lettuces. They can do well in shade, same as swiss chard. Celery looks ok, but remember that does like a good rich soil and moisture (but not soggy feet!)

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